4 Ways to Be a More Effective Leader

Leading your own company can be a lot of responsibility, especially when you're also in charge of the creative process, finding new clients, and juggling all the balls for your projects! But the better you can be as a leader, the more smoothly your company will run. Too often, though, we're learning on the job and that means we're going to make some mistakes. It doesn't have to be that way! Try these 4 ways to be a more effective leader for your team!

1. Start Off on the Right Foot

There's an old saying that says you should always start as you mean to go. That's REALLY true when it comes to employees and creating a team! You want to onboard your employees with as much information as you can give them. You want them to understand what your expectations are, how you like to work, what your processes are, and what your company policies are. If possible, it's great to have an employee handbook AND a good job description. This is also a GREAT time to also set some boundaries with your employees, like what your texting and social media policies are. Doing all of this sets up your employee for success, and it also makes a stronger and better team.

2. Communicate - a LOT

You always want to be clear and direct when you're communicating with your employees, your clients, builders, and anyone else in your business. And you want to be sure that everyone understands what you need them to do and what the deadline is for doing it. Communication is a TWO-WAY street, though. You want your employees to feel heard, to allow them to give you feedback. They have great ideas, too, and may have new ways of doing things that could help you and your company. Be sure your team feels comfortable coming to you and talking things through. Of course you have the final decisions, but you want everyone to feel like they have a voice and a chance to help the company succeed!

3. Delegate 

One of the top reasons that people leave their jobs is because of a micromanaging leader. Is that YOU?? Don't let it be! You should be able to delegate things to your employees and then step back to let them take charge of completing those tasks! Model the type of behavior that you'd like to see in a boss. Show your team respect and let them grow into the BEST employees they can be. They'll only be able to do that if you give them responsibility and room to learn. 

4. Create a Clear Structure

Structure is what keeps our companies running smoothly - and it help you lead more effectively, too! If you have strong processes and systems in place, then you aren't always stressing about mistakes or trying to remember who needs to do what. That is NO way to run a business! Having that structure allows you and your team to innovate as needed, to have time to be more creative, and will keep everyone upbeat and motivated!!

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