4 Tips for Planning Photography in 2022

Photography is THE most critical tool for marketing your business. Period. So if you've been putting off scheduling your photo sessions, it's time to check that off your to-do list! Here are 4 tips to help you plan your photography so you have gorgeous visuals to grab attention for your business!

1. Plan Wisely

One thing we've definitely learned in 2021 is that you can't count on delivery dates. So the smartest thing you can do is plan your photography AFTER you've completed a full installation. Don't set a date with the expectation of when things SHOULD arrive. Because they probably won't. Or ask your photographer for some flexibility. I've even pre-booked a couple of dates (two weeks apart) for one project, just in case. Be strategic about when and how you'll set your schedule.

2. Photograph Everything

It used to be that if we did not have a full house, we might not actually photograph the project. Not anymore! We need ALLL the content we can get, for social, for our portfolio, and even for press. For example, kitchens are still the NUMBER ONE most requested rooms on web searches and social media. So if you have some fantastic kitchen-only projects, you definitely want to shoot those. Remember to also get detail shots of any custom millwork, custom furniture, and upholstery selections. Those help show your fabulous design work, and could appeal to future partners AND clients!

3. Start NOW

Photographers have been booked (and overbooked) for months. So whatever you do, BOOK NOW. Even if you're thinking about shooting in late spring and early summer, you need to check your photographer's schedule as soon as possible. And if you want to try a new - and popular - interiors photographer, this is even more critical. It's important for you to get the very best photos possible, so do try to get the very best photographer that you can afford. 

4. A, B, C

Think about the projects that you have to photograph. Some of them are better than others, right? Either because of the budget or what you could actually get shipped, there may be one or two that are INCREDIBLE, a few that are fantastic, and probably a couple that are good but not great. I like to rank my project by A (those that I am willing to hold for national press), B (local and regional press), and C (website and social only). National press can take forever, so I'll usually only hold one or two for that. The bulk will go to local and regional press where they'll get more traction with my target client. And remember that sometimes you just need to get your most GORGEOUS photos onto your website and in front of potential clients. But be strategic!

To help you get the most out of your photo sessions, download my FREE Photoshoot Timeline and Checklist. And get those session on your 2022 calendar ASAP!



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