4 Tips for Marketing Your Business Right Now

Ideally, we should NEVER stop marketing - it should just be part of our ongoing business! But there are important reasons that you should definitely be marketing NOW, especially if you're ready to book through 2022. Any outreach or promotions that you do today will usually bring in customers about 3 months from now. So if you're ready to fill your dance card for next year, it's time to put the word out! Here are 4 tips to help you market your business right now!

1. Use Video

At this point, I'm sure you know that video will give you more engagement on your social media and email marketing. One thing you may not know is that your business is 53 times more likely show up first in Google searches if you have a video embedded on your website. WHOA! They also increase your clickthrough rates on your emails by 96%. AND using video increases trust in your products and services. And it's so easy to create fun and informative video today. Start experimenting right now with your phone so you can find your vibe and get more comfortable. And if you don't want to be on camera, try doing walkthroughs or tip videos with just your voiceover. But get into video ASAP.

2. Get on That Email

If you haven't been using your email list, get onto it right now. Newsletters and emails are critical to business today. If you have a list and you've just been slacking on regular emails, sit down and plan out a calendar now. Make them informative and slip in a more "sales" oriented email about every 4th one. If you don't have a list, at least send emails and marketing to your former and current clients. Then you can start adding to your list with lead magnets (freebies!) on your website to encourage people to give you their email addresses. Having an audience that you can speak to regularly via email is today's version of grassroots marketing. 

3. Holiday Express

The holidays are the PERFECT excuse to reach out to your client database! Any opportunity to get your name in front of potential clients is key. This isn't the time for a hard sell, obviously, but instead to ask how your clients are doing and to send them season's greetings. You can still showcase your work by creating a card that includes a photo of your work - it would be even better if the photo included YOU in the setting! That's a great idea for how to subtly market your work in a holiday greeting. And it's a smart way for you to use direct mail.

4. Use Smart Messaging

In any of your marketing, always use the problem/solution method of talking to your audience. Think about what pain points people are facing right now in their home projects. If you know they're worried about being able to get the furnishings they want, point out that you can create custom items with your workroom. Or that you are an expert at finding the perfect pieces through antique and vintage sources. Whatever "ins" you have, now is the time to showcase them! You're the one with the smart sources and the expertise, so be sure you TELL them that!!

To help you create effective emails for your clients, I have created Client Communication Templates that cover every major topic. Click through the link to learn how my templates will help you save time and offer great client communications!



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