4 Best Practices for Collaborating with a Build Team

Working as part of a build team can be amazing, or it can be a disaster! But a lot of what determines which way it goes is in OUR hands. We need to be just as responsible for making sure things move along smoothly as anyone else on the team. After all, it's about making the CLIENT happy. If the client is pleased at the end of the project, that will definitely help you get more business in the future! So here are 4 ways that you can be a great collaborator on that build team!

1. Communicate Clearly

You know how I feel about communication - it is THE most important thing, for your clients and for the team! Just as you do with your clients, you need to have a regular email with the builder/contractor to keep them informed of everything you're taking care of, any new selections that have been made, and any changes he or she needs to know about. I also make sure that the builder has a copy of my project binder, and that it is kept up to date. And if there are mistakes or issues, pick up that phone and talk to the builder ASAP. It's so much better to head things off before they become even bigger issues!

2. Stick to Deadlines

Do what you say when you say you're going to do it. That's the best motto when you're working on a build team. Of course you may have to move or adjust a deadline or two, but that should be a rare thing, not a common thing! If you've set a deadline, then you need to do your very best to meet it. Because missing deadlines can impact everyone else on the project, so it's best to stick to the timeline as much as you can. Don't let a lagging project be on YOU!

3. Meet Often

Be sure that you've scheduled enough sit-down meetings AND job site walkthroughs for each project. You and I both know that it's usually best to have your eyes on the project and its progress as much as you can. And it's key to go over any changes or additions with a builder when you're sitting down and focused on the task. If you have made any decisions or changes to the overall project, you should also follow up those meetings with an email detailing what you discussed. Keep everyone on the same page by talking things through whenever you can - even if it's a phone meeting!

4. Stay Organized

We've all worked with builders or contractors who are more seat-of-the-pants kind of people. But that doesn't mean YOU should fall into that trap with them! Your part of the project should run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. That's definitely going to make your company more profitable, and it will make you a better team player. But how do you do that with a not-so-organized partner? It's all about that communication. Stay on top of them by asking the right questions and getting the info that YOU need to keep moving forward! 

To help you stay on top of things, download my FREE Guide to Team Meeting Notes here! It will help you keep everyone on the same page for your project!

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