3 Ways to WOW Your Clients at the Holidays

The holidays can be magical - and stressful. I like to get ahead of the craziness by planning my client gifts early so my team and I aren't scrambling at the last minute. That's no fun for anyone and it takes the magic out of the season, for sure! So what do you have planned for your clients? This is a great time to reach out to former clients and to spoil your current clients, so here are 3 great ways to uplevel your gift-giving game!

1. Give Early - or Late

I know that sounds like a complete contradiction, but the idea is to avoid that crazy time just before Christmas. You'll just be lost in the crowd of gifts and parties if you give when everyone else does. Plus, not all of your clients may celebrate Christmas. So I like to give client gifts at Thanksgiving! It's a GREAT way to really say THANK YOU to your best clients. Get Thanksgiving cards with your logo on them and express real gratitude for your clients' business. It also works well for anyone who celebrates Hanukkah, because that holiday starts on Nov. 28 this year. Or if you'd rather give yourself a little bit more time, give New Year's gifts instead! Then you can offer your clients' your very best wishes for a shiny brand new year. Either way, avoid the Christmas rush.

2. Personalize It

You could make it easy on yourself and just order dozens of fruit baskets or a box of wine and wine glasses to bulk ship. But to really make a statement for your clients, try a more personal touch by giving something that your client will love. Here are some gifts I've sent in the past:

  • Monogrammed gifts like wine glasses, a cutting board, or linens
  • A stack of coffee table books to help fill in their bookshelvesđź“š
  • A framed rendering of their home
  • A pet bed for their fur baby, that just happens to perfectly match their decor
  • Gift cards to their favorite restaurant or spa
  • A personalized chess set for the family that loves to play
  • A donation to their favorite charity or scholarship fund

It doesn't mean that you have to spend a fortune, it's more about paying attention to what would really be meaningful to each of your clients. You want to show that you understand who they are and what they like. It definitely is the thought that counts.

3. Express Yourself

But one of the biggest ways you can show that you care? Write a handwritten note in your cards that tells your clients how much they mean to you and your business. Studies show that people love to receive heartfelt notes - mainly because they are so RARE anymore! So flex your fingers and get out your best pen. But be sure what you write is personal, meaningful, and thankful!

The holidays are a great time to reconnect with former clients and to create goodwill with your current clients. There's no better way to keep your client retention in good shape. And as an early holiday gift to YOU, download my FREE Guide to Keep & Retain Clients for even more good ideas!

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