3 Reasons to Plan for 2022 Right Now!

This year has flown by AND it has dragged its feet. Who knew this was what 2021 was going to be, right?! So why in the world would I want you to go ahead and plan for 2022? Because of what 2020 and 2021 turned out to be, of course!! We had no clue what we and our businesses would be hit with over the last 18 months. But if you are the type of CEO who plans ahead, you probably rode the crazy train better than many others did. Here are 3 reasons to strategize NOW for 2022:

1. Be Prepared

We've all learned to prepare for the worst and hope for the best as we navigate the pandemic. And that should definitely be applied to your business in 2022. The supply chain issues we're experiencing are not expected to be resolved until late 2022, or even 2023 for some products! The economy will probably hit some bumps thanks to housing issues, the job market, the rising cost of goods, and more. And who knows if the focus on home will still be in place. It would be smart to plan for a rainy day when it comes to your finances. We can't predict what might happen, but we can at least offer ourselves a cushion for anything that impacts our business.

2. Spot Early Trends

As you look forward into 2022, ask yourself what looks like an early trend for next year. I'm seeing a much bigger focus on vintage and antiques - both because of supply issues and sustainability. Right now, economists are predicting the housing boom will continue until late 2022, especially for second homes. So are you near a vacation or second home hub? You might want to revisit your marketing to focus on those areas. And of course we are an aging society, but Boomers don't want the same-old senior living places. So do you marketing to that group that wants to be chic and has money to spend? Think about how trends will impact your business in 2022!

3. Marketing Pay Off

And then there's your marketing. We are in an age of impatience, so I often hear designers say that marketing didn't work because no one called them in the week after their campaign went live. Um.... that's not how that works!! Whether you're focused on digital marketing, grassroots, traditional marketing, or a hybrid, it will take three to six months (or longer!) to get a response from your marketing. People don't make split decisions about major home renovations the way they will with makeup or clothing. So remember that any marketing you do NOW will pay off in 2022. Time to get cracking!

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