Sending You Love ❤️

The "C" Word

I just wanted to send you all my love and encouragement. I know that coronavirus has caused (or will cause!) a ton of changes for you, your family and your businesses! So before, you become overwhelmed...or after and is a little reminder to take one thing at a time!

Empathy & Patience

We may need to feel more empathy and patience with ourselves - and our clients. You and your families (and your clients and their families!) are worried about everything. So just remember to pause when you feel anxiety or uncertainty - and know that there are others in the same boat with you! You are not alone.

You may not be able to focus on your business...and that's OK! Just give yourself a break. Your clients may not be able to make decisions, and while unsettling, this may give you the chance you have been waiting for to breathe.


Yes. B R E A T H E. Take this pause to actually work ON your business, instead of in your business! Haven't you been waiting for a time to get on top of your business? Maybe, you just need a bit more structure in your business and have always thought about implementing a "No texting" rule with your office and clients...or maybe you have wanted to explore using Asana in your business. Now, would be a perfect time! So, get some planning done and get some more systems in place, so that when life changes again, you are READY and stronger than ever!!


Guess what? No matter where the "C" path takes you and your business, know that I am here, your designer friends are here and you will come out of this stronger than ever. Just remember to REACH OUT! We will walk the path with you. Strength comes in numbers!




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