Change the way you think about your design business,

Transform the way you work

Change the way you think about your design business,

Transform the way you work

  • Eliminate the daily stress and chaos with systems
  • Feel confident that you're taking the rights steps for your business
  • Achieve efficiency
5 Essential Business Processes



Do you...

  • Bounce from sticky note to notepad to text to find that important information you were supposed to relay to the contractor?

  • Do you feel like you don't get anything finished?

  • Feel exhausted because your mind can't turn off at night because you're so worried you forgot something?


Take control of your

design business and

begin each day with

clarity and purpose!


I'm ready

The Key to Success is...

  • Focusing the right priorities - not the wrong distractions

  • Working on what will turn the dial up in your business - not waste time reacting to whatever is in front of you 

  • Using repeatable processes for your design projects - so you stop dropping the ball on essential design details

I'm REady for success→

 Ready to take back control?

Select one of the Design Business Solutions below 

Design Project Blueprint

    • Have processes, but sometimes drop the ball?

    • Is your accountability and delegation not effective )or non existent?)

    • With the system, create a centralized location for team communication in Asana

Design project blueprint

Communication, Onboarding and Offboarding Templates

    • Onboard your clients effectively and to a high brand standard

    • Offboard your clients and make them part of your income stream

    • Don't waste valuable time thinking about how to write or say the "correct" thing, just follow templates.

Communication Templates

Hear what fans are saying!


Kara Cox Interiors

Return on Interiors has streamlined my processes and I love being able to gather all of the information needed into one organized system! There are so many decisions to be made in each phase of construction and having a system to make sure you have not forgotten a step is invaluable!

Return on Interiors has raised the professional level of my client management system and I love showing up organized and ready for every job!



Lisa Mende Designs

Return on Interiors system has streamlined my business more than I thought possible!

I highly suggest the ROI System to any designer who wants to benefit from having a seasoned designer share her method for working with clients. It’s like having another top shelf designer on staff.

ROI is well worth the money, as it has saved me so much time with clients, which, in essence, is money in my pocket!


Traci Zeller Designs

As a designer, I use the ROI System to educate my clients about their design options and ensure that they have a comprehensive understanding of their project.

My clients are empowered by the “takeaway tools” the ROI System provides, and it increases their comfort level with the process. I can’t even imagine the hundreds of hours it would have taken me to create tools like this, and by purchasing the ROI System, I got everything in a “plug and play” package. It’s a huge added value for my clients.

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