Why Pinterest Is Still Important for Your Business

Recently, we heard the big news that PayPal was going to buy Pinterest. That may have fallen through, but it was a great reminder to designers to pay attention to Pinterest again. HA! But seriously, admit that you got distracted by that shiny Instagram toy and forgot all about Pinterest, right?? I've heard so many designers say "No one uses that anymore." Well, you might want to check your facts on that one. Here are some thoughts for you on why Pinterest is still important for your business! 

1. Traffic Driver

Pinterest still drives more traffic to a website than any other channel. Why? Because your photos (which you should be pinning directly from your site) always retain that link back to your website. If you are consistent with using your portfolio photos to populate many different boards, you can create a massive amount of traffic to your website. And those people are motivated...

2. Buyer Bonanza

Independent studies of social channels show that Pinterest users are MANY times more likely to purchase than other social media users. These buyers are also in the sweet spot for most designers' target clients. The median age is 40 - it's 20 for Instagram, FYI - and they are mostly female. In fact, more of your clients are probably using Pinterest regularly, rather than Instagram.

3. Higher HHI (Household Income)

The Pinterest users have, on average, a MUCH higher household income than any other social channel. Again, when you consider the demographics, it makes sense. These users have more disposable income than the average Facebook or Instagram user, and guess what they're really interested in?

4. They Love the Home Category

Pins relating to home decor are always top trenders. The home category regularly moves between the top 3 trending topics on Pinterest. Users love to create vision boards for their homes, and they are motivated to click through to find more information. So if they are pinning YOUR photos, they are very likely to click through to learn more. And these are not DIYers - they're dreamers who want to use professionals for their dream home.

So does that describe the target audience YOU'RE looking for? I bet it does. Don't put Pinterest on the back burner for your business! And I get it, you have a LOT to do and building a strong Pinterest following takes time and creativity. So download my FREE Guide to Organizing Your Creative Time



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