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The training begins...

Monday, May 2, 2022 at 9:00 AM PDT

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Getting processes in place for your interior design business is supposed to make everything so much easier, but sometimes you're missing a little step


That missing step is accountability and having someone to answer questions, when they crop up.


So, join me for a week of FREE training and accountability, and FINALLY get processes in place.🎉


Beginning Monday, May 2nd, we're going to...

  • Day 1: Organize your digital files, so you & your team can find them!

  • Day 2: Create templates for your client, office, maintenance & contractor binders

  • Day 3: Set up a project pipeline, so you know what projects are coming- and if you have the bandwidth to take them on!

  • Day 4: Manage your projects on Asana, so you have a repeatable process for every project

During this week, you will FINALLY get $*it done!!
WARNING: This week is jam packed! So, get ready to work hard and set some time aside to do homework (Really? YES!) So, be sure to set some time aside so you can see results!
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Who is this week for?

  • You're a new interior designer and carving out time to get some basic processes in place is just too overwhelming- so you need a little step-by-step advice

Or maybe...

  • You've been designing for a while, but you've been so slammed with business, that you just want someone to "make" you take the time to get those basics in place!

What can we expect 

during our training?

In Depth Training

Each day for 4 days you'll receive action-packed training that you'll need to complete during the week. The training is detailed step-by-step and free! So, set some time aside and make the MOST of our time together💥


You will love the free training, but you'll love your new friends even more! We have a private Facebook group where you can ask questions, get motivation and learn with other interior designers (including me!) in your same shoes! I will also be popping up live there from time to time!

Little Sumpthin' Sumpthin'

We will be working oh so hard, but I will rewarding you with some free stuff to make your life easier- and more fun! And, really, who doesn't like a little motivational gift?!

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Who is Kathleen?


I am one of those crazy people who love a good system! I literally organize & systematize everything, from my design business, to my digital files, to my fridge.

Oh...and there was the time I went into my child's school bathroom and reorganized that (including moving furniture!) and flushed the toilet, as if no one would figure it out😂

Well, when I became an expat, moving from Newport Beach, California to Delhi, India, I thought...

I've got to get all of my processes dialed in so I can make this work- and not let my clients down! 

From that circumstance, plus my love (obsession) of systems & processes...

ROI (Return on Interiors) was born.

What are we covering again?


  • Organize your digital files with step-by-step directions  and get your entire team on the same page
  • Create a digital file SOP (standard operating procedure), so your team can grow following exacting standards


  • Organize your clients, office & contractor with binders
  • Create your process that your team can follow
  • Produce a binder set up & maintenance SOP for brand consistency & superior standards


  • Know exactly what projects are coming up
  • Estimate the project size & scope, in order to determine whether you have enough cash flow
  • Add a reminder to your calendar so you track any changes


  • Learn how to use Asana for project management
  • Personalize a template that you can use over and over
  • Sync your project task due dates with your calendar
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Oh, and get stuff done!!

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