Digital File Organization


Are you sick of not being able to find your documents? Well, now's the time to get a process in place. This is an easy-to-follow guide that helps you create a template for every design project! Now, your whole team will be able to find your documents. Get ready for file bliss!


Hi there!

I'm Kathleen and my titles are many...😂

Interior Designer・Founder of ROI・Expat・Dog Walker・Spontaneous Traveler・Textile Huntress

I'm from Southern California, but today I live in Budapest, Hungary (via Delhi, India), inspired by Baroque facades, Roman ruins, detailed embroidery from Matyoland, hand painted and gilded porcelain from Herend and the ever changing colors of the Danube river. 

My travel bug that bit hard in India, continues, and wherever I go I’m filling my design coffers with new items, ideas and sources. Oh, and my children are in three different parts of the world and I must visit them:)

Nice to meet you!