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Return on Interiors

We’ve taken a very complex process– running your interior design business– and turned it into a manageable system. Even though the spaces you design will always be diļ¬€erent,  your approach will always be the same.


With ROI, designers can show up at every step in the process prepared, polished and professional!

(Love that alliteration!)


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 How will my design life be different if I have a system?


You will be able to...

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Stop reinventing the wheel with every new project. Complete your projects on schedule while curbing your frustration. Ensure your client’s happiness by getting them into their homes on time.  

All because you have repeatable processes.


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Stop making costly mistakes that are linked to miscommunication with architects, contractors, trades and clients. Start creating a better team dynamic.

All because you have better communication tools.

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Stop accepting every client that walks through your door. Identify your ideal clients, set strategic goals, and understand your business niche so you get the clients you want and grow a business you love.

All because you now have a method that shows what’s working and what’s not.

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Stop winging it.  Start using tools (simple ones!) to make sure your business is profitable and thriving.

All because you understand how un-intimidating budgeting really can be.

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Stop frustrating your clients by not understanding them. Instead, ask them the right questions, and come away with vital information you need to create a great design that resonates with them.

All because you have polished and professional questionnaires.

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Return on Interiors?


Kind words from our friends...

Traci Zeller

Traci Zeller Designs

“I’m a huge fan of Kathleen’s ROI System!

As a designer, I use the ROI System to educate my clients about their design options and ensure that they have a comprehensive understanding of their project.

My clients are empowered by the “takeaway tools” the ROI System provides, and it increases their comfort level with the process. I can’t even imagine the hundreds of hours it would have taken me to create tools like this, and by purchasing the ROI System, I got everything in a “plug and play” package. It’s a huge added value for my clients.

Plus, the ROI System is a fantastic support for my work! I use the questionnaires and quick reference guides to make sure I’ve considered all options when creating my designs. In short, I’m grateful that Kathleen invested the time to create this System for us, and I know it will guide both designers and homeowners to get the best return on their interior designs.”

Ingrid Porter

Ingrid Porter Interiors

I am more confident now than ever because of the ROI System on all my projects.

I don’t have to scramble around searching for tools to keep all my projects running smoothly, Return on Interiors has all the answers ready at my fingertips.

I print each form and set up all my client binders, this keeps all the information in one place and I look like a real pro on every project.

My clients love receiving their own binder and the funny thing is, they show their friends and guess what, that’s right, my name is all over the binder, so I’m also marketing my business! The investment in this system has been one of the best things I have done to run a professional design business, I truly recommend ROI for all designers.”


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Return on Interiors

How do I stop reinventing the wheel with each new design project?



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Working with a client is a matter of trust and honesty. In their eyes, they are giving you a ton of money and they want to know that you're going to be a good steward of that budget. And on your side, you want to be fair but still make a living. You aren't in this to provide a charitable service!

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