Get the ROI Sample Pack

The Return on Interiors sample gives you a small (tiny!) peek of design business solutions.

Download your packet & implement new processes today!

Included is:

✓Bedroom Questionnaire (one of the 17 in ROI)

✓ Budget Worksheet (For the designer-track evolving pricing & budgeting changes throughout the project. For the Client-use this as a way to see how changes affect the budget.)

✓ Team Meeting Notes (Always keep a record of your meetings so you don't drop the ball on any details!)

✓ Bar Seating and Table Height Quick Reference Guide (One of nearly 50 in ROI to get your point across simply & quickly to clients, trades or your team.)

✓ Niching Your Design Business (A process I complete annually)

✓ Prioritize Your To Do List (Sometimes there are just too many sticky notes!)

✓ Installation Day Checklist (It takes a village to install a project, so add key dates to your calendar for every job.)

✓ Design Project Phases (A great visual for clients so that they understand what happens & when something happens during a project.)


Who is Kathleen?

Interior Designer/Founder of ROI/Expat/Dog Walker/Spontaneous Traveler/Textile Huntress

I love to fill my life with design gems & inspiration. I am fortunate enough to find little gems, while living as an expat. First I was in Delhi, India for 2 years. Now, I live in Budapest, Hungary, inspired by Baroque facades, Roman ruins, detailed embroidery from Matyoland, hand painted and gilded porcelain from Herend and the ever changing colors of the Danube river. My travel bug that bit hard in India, continues, and wherever I go I’m filling my design coffers with new items, ideas and sources. Oh, and I'm constantly chasing my adult children who live in three different parts of the world!