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4 Communication Techniques That Work

Most of our greatest achievements AND our worst setbacks in our companies come down to one thing – communication. When we’re good at communicating, everything can run like a well-oiled machine. But when we don’t keep our clients up to date – well that’s when the wheels come off, right?! Here are 4 communication techniques that will help you stay on track!

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Installation Day Tips in the Time of COVID

Everything has been upended this year – absolutely everything! And given that our business is about the home, it’s been even crazier. It’s hard to stay on top of pandemic rules, shutdowns, supply chain issues, and more! And then there’s the issue of installation day – how in the world are you supposed to make that happen when some clients don’t even want you in their homes?! Here are some ideas!

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How to Make More Money in Design

If you’re reading this and expecting a magic bullet to bring you tons of cash…you’re in the wrong place! I have tips that I know will help you make more money. But this is more about doing the kind of work you know you SHOULD, but you may be avoiding. So let’s take a look!



Return on Interiors

Where do I go to learn more about Return on Interiors?